Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Figment of my imagination?

Sometimes I think Lydie was just a figment of my imagination.
I think I must have crazy to think that in two and a half weeks from now, I would be having a baby. 
I see photos of us from just three weeks ago, read emails and text messages, recall conversations.
And I think how naive we were, how innocent we were.
How stupid. 
My husband, my sister, my mom, my therapist - they remind me that Lydie was real. 
And that hurts even more.

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  1. She was absolutely real, Heather. You carried her, delivered her, held her, and you have the pictures to prove it...

    The farther out I get from losing Luke, the more often I need to look back at those pictures of us at the hospital, though.

    How can someone that was with us for such a short amount of time leave such a huge mark on our lives? I still ask myself that every day. It's baffling. That's the true tragedy of stillbirth ♥


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