Friday, November 21, 2014


Today, my mom and I went out to make copies of Lydie's footprints and hand prints.  I have projects in mind, want to be able to hibernate in our home and work on them after my mom leaves again.   Wanted her emotional support for this public outing.

So we're waiting at Office Max, as this woman makes the copies for us.  She says she might have to play around with the colors and tones before she finds what works.  No big deal right?  But then, as she finishes up, she tosses those copies in the trash.  And I'm staring at my daughter's foot prints in the trash, and I want to scream.  So instead I say, "Could I please have those copies instead of throwing them away?"  She tells me I will have to pay for them.  I don't care.  Get my daughter out of the trash.  Right now.

I'm sure if my child was born completely healthy, as the majority of children are, this wouldn't even phase me.  They were just copies, for goodness sake.  I was trying to figure out why it bothered me so much. 

I think I have such few items of Lydia's.  So few tangible items to prove that my daughter existed.  Every item I have is that much more valuable because of that. 

By the way, the woman not only took Lydie's footprints out of the trash, but she didn't charge us for them after all.  I am betting that mothers with healthy babies are not crying while doing such errands. 

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  1. How angering and saddening that must have been for you. :(
    Glad you had you mom there for support. If you are willing to share later would love to see / read about the projects you mentioned (but if you prefer to keep them to yourself, that's totally understandable). *Big Hugs*


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