Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Control, or lack there of.

I find so many things irritating these days, but here's a big one:

When people say things like, "They are going to have kids right away."

Oh, are they? 

And when there's pictures of a kid on the daycare bulletin board, with a little blurb, "I'm going to have a little sister in February 2015!"

Oh, are you?

Is the decision to start a family all it takes?  Is that baby, coming in February 2015, really a sure-fire thing?

I hear this, I read this, I feel like I got punched in the gut.

Lydie was a sure-fire thing.
Lydie would be here in 3 days.  3 freaking days.

It's the control that gets me.  People think they have control.  I thought I had control. Sure, everyone realizes that you can't plan exactly when your baby will be born, but I was one of those people who thought I could get it in the ballpark.   How naive was I??

How naive are they.

Then I remind myself:
Likely, this couple will have a baby within a year of trying.
And very likely, this boy will have a sister in February 2015.

Which leads me straight to the "why me?" path.



  1. Ohhhhh, this thought.

    I would read things like that at first and sarcastically think "Oh, isn't that cute? That's what YOU think."

    Ugh. I still think it sometimes. "Family planning." That's just...hilarious. In the most non-funny way, right?

  2. That thought process is exactly why I changed my Facebook Timeline settings so that I can only see my immediate family, one or two pages and one or two groups. I unfollowed 99.5% of my friends. And that liberated me. Now I don't feel like telling them all, "Maybe... Insha'Allah (Arabic for God willing)."


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