Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12th

I’ve thought about my daughter every second of every day since the horrific moment I found out she was gone.

Still, today feels different; December 12th was planned to be her birthday. In my other life, the life I covet, I am posting photos of her right now announcing her arrival and dressing her in her “little sister” onesie.

In reality, today, our close friends and family will be gathering to honor her at her memorial.

I feel like I’m living every parent’s worst nightmare.

Many of you have offered to help. Although I’d much prefer someone invent a time machine, there are two organizations that you can support in her name.

30,000 babies a year are stillborn. Yet little research is being done, and the medical community dismisses it as something that “just happens.” Lydia died in the place she was supposed to be the safest. Star Legacy Foundation is one of the few organizations promoting research:

Another organization to support is Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, whose photographer captured our few precious moments with Lydie. With so few tangible objects to prove Lydie was here, we will treasure them forever.
Thank you for all your support. We appreciate it so much.

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  1. We donate to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - such a great organization that does wonderful things for families when they need it most.


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