Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jinxing it

Exactly 4 weeks ago, I wrote my daughter's name on some healthcare forms.  Lydia Joanne .  With her planned birth at the end of the year, I only had a couple days to make the changes to my healthcare and talked with HR about giving them the forms before I left the office for the last time before her birth.

It felt weird to write it out, as we had been keeping her name top-secret, and I thought to myself "Are you jinxing it?"

No, I rationalized, she'll be here soon and this is her name. 
And I wrote it on the healthcare forms, which are now sitting on my office desk.

These are the things I think about now.  Did I really jinx it?
Again, rationally, I know that my daughter did not die because I wrote her name on a form before she was born.  But I even wondered if I was jinxing it and I still wrote it.

Those are going to be hard to look at in January when I finally have to return to work.

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  1. Can someone clean out your office before you return?


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