Sunday, December 28, 2014


I spent my Sunday afternoon in a Starbucks, talking with a new friend for almost 4 hours.  A new friend who lost her son Graham at 36 weeks due to a cord accident.

This coming from the woman who struggles to communicate with a few of her closest friends.

The kinship here, it's amazing.  I feel like I know her, and I know Graham, and I feel like we could have talked for many more hours about our perfect, loved babies.

Oh and also?  As soon as we sat down, a couple showed up with their baby girl and sat right in my line of vision.  Not easy to ignore them, but I sure tried.  


  1. Oh also, Graham's mom told me she she realized she never say his backside, his bum. And I went, "Oh my God! I never saw her bum!"

  2. OMG. I never saw his bum, either.



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