Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lydie's Tree

We keep hearing from people that we need to find ways to honor our daughter, to keep her with us.  That's a hard thing to wrap your head around when you're still pretty shocked that this is all happening. 

We set up our Christmas tree last weekend.  I think Justin and I would be fine to just ignore Christmas all together.   But Ben deserves to have a Christmas.

I pulled out the "L" ornament I had made for Lydie.
I pulled out the "Baby's First Christmas" ornament that Oma Jo had bought Lydie.

This is not what I pictured.

Instead of putting them on our big tree, we decided that Lydie deserves her own tree.

And hence, here's Lydie's tree.

A friend of mine, whose daughter died when she was 5 days old, told me that he still wanted to buy gifts for her after she died.  I asked, "Like what?  What do I buy my dead daughter?"

And now I know: Christmas ornaments.  For our Christmas baby.

I love the idea of this tree becoming more and more full every year.  When Lydie would have been turning one, turning two, turning fifteen.  It will continue to grow.

A day or two later, at daycare, someone - someone we don't even know - gave us a gift.  Actually, the director passed on the gift, and said she hoped it was okay to do so.  It is more than okay!  It is so appreciated. 

I may just keep this tree up year round.


  1. I love your idea for Lydie's tree. What a wonderful way to remember her each year.

  2. Craig picked out an ornament for Lydie, which I'll give you on Thursday. It's a very poignant idea.

  3. We were given a beautiful ornament with Sadie's name and date of delivery on it. It is a star, and it hangs on a light in our living room. I love the idea of getting her an ornament every year. My mom and dad always gave us Christmas ornaments, and they are such precious memories from my childhood.


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