Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What if Kim Kardashian's baby was stillborn?

What if Kim Kardashian's baby was stillborn?

Or Kate and William's?  (gasp here)

Or some other celebrity's?  Someone who the media paid attention to?  Someone we paid attention to?

I'm not wishing this on anyone, believe me.
Not even a Kardashian.
But I just can't get over how little stillbirth is talked about.

I've said the numbers before and I'll say them again:
2,000 babies die from SIDS a year.
30,000 babies are stillborn.
FIFTEEN times the amount of babies are stillborn than the babies that die from SIDS.

So, why, why do we hear so much about SIDS and so little about stillbirth?
When Ben was a newborn, our biggest fear was SIDS.  We would watch to make sure his chest was rising and falling.  He slept in our room for 8 weeks, partially so we could always keep an eye on him and hear him.  We were paranoid.  Did society make us that way with all the talk about sleeping on the back and no blankets?

And then, when I was cruising along with my pregnancy with Lydia, counting down the days until she got here, it had never once occurred to me that she could die in the place she was meant to be the safest.  Especially not at 34 weeks.

I would not wish this on anyone.
But what I do wish is it was discussed more.

So, what if a public figure had a stillborn baby?
Would it wake us up a little bit?


  1. I was talking about this with Mrs. T yesterday, except I wondered if it would have to be a senator's grandkid, in order to get funding to study it.
    I don't want to wait that long. I want to make people aware of stillbirth now; I want doctors to study it now. This morning I was thinking about begging the influential people I know -- Connie Schultz, Anna Quindlen, sort of maybe a little bit -- to take up the issue, write about it, tell their famous politician friends. I thought about pitching a story to Parents magazine.
    What if it doesn't have to be a royal baby, or even tabloid royalty? What if you and I could make a difference?
    People read your blog. Some people read my column. I'm not willing to just let this go, throw up my hands and say, "These things happen."

  2. Brooke wrote a post (a friend linked it which is how I became friends with Brooke) on this very thing. Hers is called "A Public Service Announcement"-ill try to find it.

    I wouldn't want anything to happen to a baby, but seriously the Kardasians can go fuck themselves.

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    2. Thanks Caroline, I looked for Brooke's post and found it. Similar sentiments for sure. I still just can't get over how this had never crossed my mind until my daughter died.


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