Monday, August 15, 2016

When everything happens at once.

So, we are moving.

It is stressful and exciting and overwhelming and exhausting and sad.

I love this place.
Many of those emotions are about how tough it is to leave our home that we've built together, where we spent every weekend on home improvement projects before Ben was born.  We celebrated my positive pregnancy test by ripping out the patio.  (Ben's baby book asked how we celebrated.  I wrote "tore out the old patio.")  We got most our big projects done, and then we started having babies.  It's the only home all three of those babies have ever known.  I can look out to the backyard from our bedroom, the kitchen, and the family room and see the hibiscus blooming in Lydie's Garden.  And while Benjamin and Josephine get to move to a more spacious house with us, Lydie only gets to live in this home.  I keep reminding myself that she will come with us, one way or the other, but I feel her presence so strongly in our home and I'm scared I won't get that back.

So maybe I am a little scared too.

Justin has described it better than I can so I will just share his latest Glow in the Woods post.

But I am feeling excited too, and daily, I return to the listing of our new house to scroll through the photos and plot where I'm going to put everything.  Our new house is a short walk to a big reservoir, and I'm picturing running right next to the water and buying kayaks.

Mostly, I'm just overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to move a full household.   I do not know how we have acquired so much shit in the past six-and-a-half years.  We are presently trying to get it all packed into boxes and stored in the garage, so that in two weeks we can list and show our home.  Fingers crossed we get an offer quickly, because I just don't know how we will show our house with a big, black dog when we have light color floors, a baby who likes to feed that dog and ends up throwing food all over the kitchen, and a three-year-old who makes messes like it's his job. Someone should really teach that kid to clean up.

The new family home.  So much for the break from home improvement projects...  much work to be done here!

And while we're at it, for comparison sake, here's our home when we moved in, in 2010:
I always hated this brown.


Before the move was ever in the plans, September and October already promised to be busy. Remember Lydie's Loop?  I'm not sure I ever would have agreed to plan this event had I had any idea it would be happening in the middle of moving, but here we are.   Everything happening all at once.

But I've been working my butt off on this.  We've come along way since May, when my friend Jessi Snapp of Luminous Light Studios first designed the logo using Lydie's own footprints.  I've gathered awesome raffle prizes, like an American Girl doll, front row Blue Jackets tickets, a children's doctor/grocery store/lemonade stand, a memory box just like Lydie's made by my uncle, a Moba basket, some baby loss artwork, and various other tickets and gift cards.  I have a friend of a friend who is a children's entertainer, and when I approached her about Lydie's Loop, she was so disappointed that she could not make it that she volunteered to pay for another facepainter.   Another friend of a friend, a professional videographer, volunteered her time almost two years ago to make make a beautiful video tribute of Lydie's Memorial and has volunteered to capture Lydie's Loop for us too.   I am impressed with people's generosity when I tell Lydie's story and my mission.  Thanks to Target and Meijer, I've even finally gotten some donations for food, even though I'm still pissed at Panera.

I want to clap my hands every time a new registration loads in my email - we are currently at 69 registrants, which is a good start!  And even though there's much to do between now and October 1st, this feels like the fun part.  You can follow Lydie's Loop on Facebook here or sign up here.

I can't wait for the big day, and the picture of the four of us in our yellow Lydie's Loop shirts.  Too bad they don't list the shirt size "onesie" as an option for little sister.


Speaking of my Bowie girl, she will turn one in the middle of this madness.  How is she almost one already?  Time goes by much faster with her on the outside.  I need to throw my rainbow a first birthday party, but we may not be in our new house until two days before her birthday (the sellers have the option to rent back for 30 days and I have a feeling they will be taking it).  I'm thinking I'll wait a couple weeks for her birthday party, give family members a couple weeks between Lydie's Loop and Bowie's party, and unpack a little... in order to then throw a party.  Besides, her due date wasn't until November 1st, so I figure I'm still in my window.  But I can't push it more than two weeks, because then we're running into her big sister's second birthday, and Lydie and Bowie need to have their own celebrations.

These are the things I am thinking about when I am not sleeping at 3 am.

Oh and have I mentioned I have a full-time job and two living children at home?

So much to do!

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